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Independent living

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.21.56We excel in home care for the elderly – services in the Human Support Group include:

Our mission is to make life a little easier by extending that helping hand. It’s our job to take the worry away and let our Service Users get on doing what they do best – enjoying their independence.

We provide help and assistance to Service Users when they leave hospital or respite care after an injury or illness for a short interim period to help them restore independent functioning.

We specialise in recruiting high quality temporary, contract and permanent staff for Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Charities, NHS Trusts other private sector organisations and our own services.

HSG Healthcare service is designed to support people of all ages who have specific high levels of clinical care needs.

Whatever your skills and experience, we’re always looking for high quality candidates to join us in a number of key roles.

Cyril Flint Volunteers is a local befriending charity, matching volunteers up with isolated people in the community and supported by the Human Support Group.

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