A Day in the Life of a Carer

We're showing how different day-to-day work can be as a carer!

Unlike many jobs, for carers, no two days are ever the same. Whilst the overriding feeling of making a difference and getting satisfaction from helping someone is always present, the day will be filled with unique experiences.


For carers working morning shifts, the usual activities will involve helping people get out of bed, get washed and dressed and then preparing breakfast and administering any medication. Preparing breakfast can be a fun, joint activity in some cases, an opportunity to have a chat about news, TV or family and check that the client is okay and has no health concerns.

Working in the morning means that you will usually be the first human contact that people have in the day, helping ensure that they do not get lonely by talking and listening to them. By helping them with getting up and getting ready, you are setting them up to feel nice for the day and your cheerful mood can have a ripple effect on the people you care for.

More activities throughout the morning might include some housework to help keep their home clean and tidy, something that many clients would otherwise struggle with.


Lunchtime provides the opportunity to make a nice lunch for clients and where possible, using nutritious ingredients to help with the client’s health and wellbeing. You may be able to discuss favourite foods and make their day that bit better by providing them with the meals they enjoy the most. You may find that clients can pass on some great recipes!

Different clients will require different types of care, so for housebound clients, having someone to talk to and help with any exercises they need to do could be part of the afternoon’s activities. For more mobile clients, a short walk or a trip to do some food shopping might be on the agenda.


The evening visits are very important in making sure clients are ready for bed and have everything they need. Carers will often be required to help with going to the toilet, brushing teeth and other typical evening activities. You are probably the only person that will say goodnight to them, making sure they are well set up for a good night’s sleep.

Whilst this is your more day-to-day ordinary tasks, what anybody applying to be a carer should remember is how there is much more to the job than what meets the eye.

Whilst many daily activities are similar in nature, there is a lot of flexibility in the activities you can do with different clients and the happiness that you bring has a huge impact. As well as cleaning tasks, etc. there is also a chance to enrich someone’s life completely which is also part of your day-to-day as a carer. You could be helping somebody who used to sew keep their skill alive, you could help somebody cook their favourite meal which they haven’t had for a while, the list is endless.

If you are interested in going the extra mile and bringing value back into people’s lives, look at our vacancies listing.

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