A Guide to Stress Relief Techniques

Stress Awareness Week runs from November 2nd to November 6th and this year has been a huge challenge for many people, whichever industry they work in. This is why it is a really appropriate time to reflect upon our mental health and think about the different ways that we can manage our stress levels.

Working in the care industry can be difficult at times but it also gives you the opportunity to make a huge difference to people’s lives, a reward that few other careers can offer. If you are feeling signs of stress, then it is important to address what you are feeling and find the best solution.

Here are some tips on dealing with stress:

Talk to your support network

Bottling up how you are feeling is the worst thing you can do. Even if you just speak to a close friend about how you are feeling, talking through your thoughts can help. It is even more important to talk to people at work, so that they are aware of what you are going through. Colleagues and managers should be able to provide you with support and advice, hopefully bringing some solutions that will alleviate at least some of your feelings of stress.

Look after your health

It can be easy to fall into the habit of a poor diet if you feel you have not got time to cook a proper meal. You might also find that you are having disturbed sleep, or you are spending less time doing the activities that make you happy. It is really important that you are doing the right things to stay healthy, whether that is eating healthier, doing a bit of exercise, or reducing alcohol and caffeine. You should find that by choosing a healthier lifestyle, your sleeping will gradually improve.

Think about the positives

When anxiety levels increase, it can be difficult to think about positives. If you can feel yourself getting irritable, try to take some deep breaths and think about things that make you happy. Being a carer is not an easy job, but there are many rewards if you get satisfaction from helping others and enabling patients to live a more independent life.

Find a new feel-good factor

Have a think about hobbies or interests that could help to distract you from thinking about work, and that will give you some enjoyment to look forward to. Whether that is sitting down to watch a comedy film, going for a walk somewhere scenic, or trying some baking recipes, find a new passion to lift your mood.

Treat yourself

Try to make more ‘me time’ to give yourself a well-earned recharge of the batteries. A long soak in the bath, a trip to the hairdressers or buying a new outfit can all give you a little wellbeing boost.

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