Applauding supermarkets during this crisis

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Applauding supermarkets during this crisis

As we’re all facing challenging times right now, those working in social and healthcare settings are particularly busy and very much in demand. Due to many people being uncertain over the future, supermarkets have seen an increase in the stockpiling of essential food and household items. Doing so means social and healthcare workers who are working around the clock are missing out. 

In reaction to this, supermarkets have given us a reason to applaud and thank them. Several supermarkets are introducing measures such as “golden hours” for social and healthcare workers to shop during dedicated hours. Many supermarkets are introducing an hour at the beginning of the day to ensure key workers are able to get essentials after working long and challenging shifts. Upon arrival, showing an ID pass is all a key worker needs to do to get their goods. 

Being a carer or working in the social and healthcare sector has always been a key part of enhancing the well-being of society. Now more than ever is a difficult time to be a carer, with most carers risking their own health to make sure our ageing community is cared for. Carers are also working hard in preparation for the escalation of the Covid-19 outbreak. This means that many are attending refresher training on controlling infections and planning on how to keep going in the face of workforce and supply shortages. 

Looking to the future, carers will be proud of the help that they have given to our elderly citizens during such a worrying time. Carers will be recognised for their selflessness, hard work and dedication during unpredictable circumstances. 

There are currently elderly members of our communities who are being left unable to do their usual shopping, particularly those aged 70 and onwards who are in the high-risk category. 

Whilst some elderly people have family and friends close by to help out, not everyone is as lucky. Many elderly people have limited understanding of the internet and how to reach for help or order food items for themselves. This means that carers are vital to helping out on tasks such as carrying out on online supermarket orders or visiting supermarkets for people in their care. 

Now more than ever is a rewarding time to be a carer, and the social and healthcare sector is ready to keep playing its part during this time by recruiting for caring and dedicated individuals to take on the role of a carer. 

As many elderly and vulnerable members of society become more isolated, with visits from family and friends being restricted, now is a time to make a real difference to society as a carer. 

If you think you can help us during this crisis, head over to our vacancies page here where you can view our job vacancy listings today  

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