Be kind to your mind

Be kind to your mind

Things have been challenging as of late but we’re here to remind you that better days are coming. In the meantime, we thought we would share some helpful tips and links to help you look after your mind. Right now, your mental health is extremely important, so we recommend having a read on if you are struggling. 

Stay connected with others 

The social distancing measures are keeping us physically apart from our loved ones but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Arrange a time and give your loved one’s a phone call or a video call, have a catch up and a good laugh together and this should help brighten your spirits. Seeing a familiar face can instantly lift your mood. 

Don’t obsess over the news 

It’s important to stay updated with what’s going on but if you’re constantly checking the news and dwelling on it, it’s bound to affect your mood. Try to limit the amount of time you spend either watching the news or online so that you don’t stress yourself out. 

Look after your body 

Our physical health impacts our mood more than we may think. It can be tough to be motivated but falling into a cycle of unhealthy eating and little exercise will cause even more negative impacts to your mood. Try incorporating some healthier foods into your days, make some delicious meals with lots of veg, go for a walk or even try some yoga at home. We guarantee a little boost of exercise or some healthy food will make you feel better. 

Keep your mind active 

Just as important as staying physically active, keeping your brain active and stimulated is vital. Whether it be a crossword, a jigsaw, reading, word searches, colouring, whatever it may be – keeping your brain active will make you feel more accomplished and therefore lift your mood. 

Talk about your worries 

It is perfectly normal to be feeling anxious, stressed or unhappy right now. The most important of everything on this list is to make sure that when you do feel this way, you talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Whether this be a partner, friend, relative, or on an NHS-recommended helpline, it’s important to share how you’re feeling so that you can ease your worries and avoid feelings escalating.  

You can find a list of NHS-recommended helplines here: 

It’s important to look after yourself now more than ever, so try implementing some of these things and be kind to your mind during this crisis. 

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