Carers Rights Day

Carers Rights Day comes around each year to remind our hard-working carers of their rights and understanding them.  

Organised by Carers UK, Carers Rights Day is an annual awareness day dedicated to the following: 

  • Raising awareness to carers of what their rights are 
  • Informing carers of where and how to get support 
  • Raising public awareness of the needs of carers 

It was reported in 2019 that two thirds of UK adults can expect to care unpaid for a loved one in their lifetime – which is why we must raise awareness so that any form of a carer can be supported. Wherever you are in your journey as a carer, this day is here to help you. 

Being a carer is one of the most rewarding things you can do, whether you choose to do that professionally or it is a responsibility you take for a loved one. However, like any responsibility in life – it can come with struggles and challenges to overcome. This awareness day is here to highlight the support, resources and information that is accessible to carers – so that when these challenges and struggles arise, they can be met and dealt with in the best way. 

The theme for Carers Rights Day 2020 is ‘Know your Rights’ – ensuring that carers know their rights whether they are in a workplace, a healthcare setting or at home. The aim this year is to empower carers with information and support, so that they can feel confident in asking for what they need. Carers Rights Day falls on Thursday 26th November this year and you can see the full details from the Carers UK here.  

At Human Support Group, we are invested in our individuals who work for us and go the extra mile to ensure they are supported every step of the way. We created our ‘Open Door Policy’ which allows carers to speak to a trusted member of staff and express any concerns or struggles they feel, where they can also access the resources and support that they need. 

If you want to work for a team that supports you throughout your career and enables you to become the best carer you can be, then a job at Human Support Group could be perfect for you. If you’re looking a role, click here to see all our available vacancies. 

Carers Helplines can be found here

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