Caring for Carers during COVID-19

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Caring for Carers during COVID-19

You may remember just last week when Britain clapped for our NHS workers who are selflessly risking their health to make sure others are protected. Whilst times are challenging right now, it’s also never been a more rewarding time to work in the health and social care sector.  

Every day, our workforce is out in their communities making sure that vulnerable people have the protection and care that they need to survive these difficult and uncertain times. 

Working in the health and social care sector can be challenging and demanding at the best of times, but especially now our carers are going through a lot. This blog contains some tips on how you can care for a carer or any key worker that you may know to make sure they get the support they need. 

Check in 

The first and most important tip is to check in – whether this is a phone call, video call, text message, email – as long as you don’t pop over to see them. This one message could uplift their day or make them realise they have people there for them, should they need to unload some stress or speak about how they feel. You can also check to see if they need anything, including important supplies that they may not be able to access. 

Help with supplies 

If you’re no stranger to the news you will know there was a real issue with key workers being unable to get the supplies that they need from supermarkets. The combination of long-shifts and others stock buying essentials, has meant nothing was left on the shelves for them at the end of the day. 

Supermarkets have now introduced new measures to ensure key workers have allocated time slots to shop in the supermarkets to make sure they can get what they need.  

If you know someone who is maybe self-isolating due to the nature of their work or they can’t go during those times, maybe offer to do their shopping for them? Only do this if you are healthy and able, make sure you get essential supplies and drop the groceries at their door when they are home. This will still keep with social distancing measures but also make sure they are stocked up! 

Remind them how well they’re doing 

With so much unpleasant news going on and the demands that carers are facing, they are likely to feel quite deflated or anxious. Remind them of the amazing work they are doing and the difference they are making in their community and just let them know you are proud of them, this will definitely boost their spirits. 

It’s a difficult time for us all right now, which is why compassion and care are more important than ever. We can get through this, but only if we all join together. 

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