Concentrating on Carers

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Here at Human Support Group, we value each carer that comes through our doors. There are many different roles available within our organisation, so we want to share the experience of our hard-working colleagues with you to give you an understanding of what it’s like here at The Human Support Group.

To be a carer, you must have a naturally caring and loving personality with the want to help others. This is something we believe wholeheartedly here at Human Support Group and it is a shared value with all of our carers, especially our Care Co-Ordinator – Hayfa Sadd.

Here is Hayfa’s story of being a carer at Human Support Group:

What is Hayfa’s role?

Hayfa is a Care Co-Ordinator who manages a team of carers, helping to deliver homecare for individuals.

What is Hayfa’s favourite part of her role?

Hayfa finds the most satisfaction in her role with the comfort of knowing that her customers have her support and the fact that her and her team are there for them. Her favourite thing is when a customer rings the office just for a chat! She also loves meeting different people and new people every day.

Are there any challenges Hayfa faces?

One of the challenges Hayfa mentions is that sometimes you will work evenings and weekends due to the nature of the job. Also, you develop an emotional bond with certain customers and that this can make it sad when their health declines.

What makes a good carer?

A good carer to Hayfa is compassionate, reliable, patient, a good listener and somebody who always has a smile on their faces. You must also have a lot of care in your heart!

Being a carer is one of the most incredibly rewarding jobs and you really feel the benefits for your hard work.

Another one of our carer focuses is on one of our Care Experience partners – Richard. You can read and watch all about Richard’s story with Human Support Group here.

Each experience at Human Support Group is different, but what ties them all together is that they are positive experiences. When people join our teams, they typically stay throughout their career because they are appreciated and looked after.

What will your experience be? Take a look at our vacancies here and start your own Human Support Group experience today.

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