Department of Health and Social Care Recruitment campaign


Department of Health and Social Care Recruitment campaign

Department of Health and Social Care

Recruitment campaign

We know that some of our best recruits are referred to us by our own people because we all know which of our friends and family have the right values and skills to work in social care. We want to make employee referrals a priority and we need your help to make that happen. Over the coming weeks the Department of Health and Social Care’s new adult social care recruitment campaign ‘Every Day is Different’ will be advertised on the radio, outdoor posters, across social media and the internet. The campaign will also have its own dedicated Facebook page. We want to use this facebook page to share content and celebrate our colleagues. We also want to promote our new quizzes which help people understand a little bit more about social care and whether it’s right for them. You can help by sharing these with your friends and family.

During the campaign we will let you know what we will be posting, and if you are on Facebook we will ask you to like and share these with the people you know who would be a great for for working in the sector by tagging them and using #shareifyoucan.

If you would like to feature as a case study on the campaign’s Facebook page, please get in touch. More to follow as the campaign gets underway but we’re looking forward to sharing the content with you and hearing from the amazing people in your life who could be great at the work we do.

In the meantime, please follow the campaign’s Facebook page:

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