How communities can help through COVID-19

elderly woman having a video call

How communities can help through COVID-19

It’s important to be kind right now more so than ever and these challenging times have really shown just how lovely people can be.  

We’re sure you all saw the postcard that went viral, where a woman had posted a postcard to her neighbours offering her help, should they require assistance with shopping and picking up essentials. 

It’s acts of kindness like this that will really make a difference, so we have put together some ideas of how communities can help through the pandemic. 

Video Call / Phone 

If you know there are elderly people who may not be allowed visitors, why not pop them a quick note just letting them know you’re up for a call or a video call if they’re feeling lonely? With our elderly community being high-risk, they’re likely not going to see anyone for a while so this could be a lovely way of making sure they have some interaction. 

Deliver / Collect Shopping 

If you know someone in your area who may struggle with shopping, whether that be making it to the shops on time or they physically can’t make it, why not offer to pick up their shopping for them? You can do this and leave it on their doorstep, so they aren’t stressed about having no essential items and you also keep them safe from spreading the virus. 

Random acts of kindness 

Dropping off flowers, maybe leaving a good book to read or a food hamper could mean the world to someone and change their day. Random acts of kindness will not only give you something to work on whilst you’re isolating but also make the world of difference to someone who could be struggling. 


Maybe you’ve baked some banana bread, or you’ve finished a few of your old books, why not share with your community? If you’ve got an extra plate of food, why not drop it off to someone who would enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal? Or if you’ve worked through some of your old books, why not share them with someone who may have nothing to read? 

Spread only kindness 

If you do happen to do any of the wonderful things, it’s important you are extremely vigilant about your personal hygiene and ensuring that you do not spread anything. Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleansed and sanitised and that you stay a safe distance away from people.  

We can all spread a little kindness, and now is the perfect time to do so. 

If you would like to go the extra-mile for your community, why not become a community carer? We have tons of vacancies across the UK, you can see all our vacancies here.  

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