How to Care for your Carers

Looking after our carers!

Carers prioritise the wellbeing, both mental and physical, of the people they care for. Often before thinking about their own wellbeing.  But who takes care of the carers?
Here are some of our top tips which will make your carers feel valued, recognised and cared for.

Recognition – Carers often go above and beyond in their work. Reward them by showing that their hard work is being noticed. Use your colleague celebration fund to reward them or place a post out on social media. Recognition can also be shown by acknowledging and resolving any potential problems your team may have to provide them with a great working environment.

Financial – Financial rewards have always been sure ways to show your team that you appreciate their work. Awarding gift cards to carers who go the extra mile will show your team that you are invested in their work.

Colleague Nights – Due to the nature of home care, carers can sometimes be isolated from colleagues and miss out on social interaction. Organising staff nights will give your team the chance to interact with their colleagues in a relaxed environment. It will also show that you value every colleague.

Birthdays – Birthdays will always provide you with an opportunity to show your team that you value you them and appreciate their hard work. There are lots of ways you can reward your team on their birthday, from surprising them with a card or present, making a big fuss if it’s a special birthday or simply just acknowledging their birthday. By recognising their birthday, you are showing your staff that you are invested in them.

Wellbeing –We know that sometimes life can be hard so to promote and protect the wellbeing of our team is important. Wellbeing in the workplace is relevant to all colleagues and everyone can contribute to improved wellbeing at work. We have partnered with Able futures and have a colleague assistance programme to provide support in times of need which is accessible to everybody.

Flexibility – Working in the care sector means that many carers miss out on days that many people take for granted, such as bank holidays. For carers who have family commitments, this means they will often miss parents’ evenings, medical appointments, school performances etc. By being as accommodating as possible to your team, they will know that you respect their commitments outside of work. 

Thank You – Sometimes, all you need to do to show your team that you value their hard work is simply say ‘Thank You’. Finding the time to thank your team will show that their efforts are being noticed and they will strive to keep providing the highest quality of care.  A phone call to check in with them and say thank you goes a long way.

Any gesture big or small will always be appreciated by your team. Valued colleagues will always be happy to go the extra mile and continue to provide exceptional care.

At HSG, we look for carers who strive to deliver outstanding care through professionalism and kindness and in return we want to give that kindness back.

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