How we’re protecting customers and carers

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How we’re protecting customers and carers

Everyone is pretty concerned about the risk that front-line workers are exposed to by continuing to do their everyday job, and rightly so. Not everyone will be aware of the procedures and rules that businesses like ours are adhering to in order to protect our customers and carers, which is why we are writing this blog for you. 

This is to let you know everything Human Support Group are doing to protect our incredible care-workers and the people they care for. 

The first point to mention is that we are constantly monitoring the situation and following the advice from the government, whilst also working with agencies to assess and act on the situation from a scientific and clinical perspective. 

We are proud at Human Support Group to have extra vigilant and responsible members of staff, however we have still ensured that all members of staff are reminded of how important it is to practice good hygiene and proper handwashing techniques to avoid contamination and spread. Our staff are expected to continue using hand gloves and aprons to again avoid infection. 

We have not had strict instruction from the government or scientific proof of facemasks being effective, so our staff will not use these routinely. However, if a person in our care has contracted the virus – they may be asked to wear a mask to stop the virus spreading to others. 

Our care delivery remains the same, so if you do have someone under care of Human Support Group you can be rest-assured that they are still in safe and strong hands. 

We will remain in contact with our customers and relatives to inform them of any changes that may occur to our service, as and when they appear. As always, our main concern is ensuring that people receive the care that they need, and our amazing teams are making sure that happens.  

This is a difficult time for everybody, and we thoroughly appreciate all the support that we have received.  

If you have somebody under the care of Human Support Group and you are concerned about any changes to service, please do not hesitate to speak to us. You can contact the appropriate branch manager by looking at our branches here.  

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