Male Carers – Ending the stigma

Male Carers – Ending the stigma

There is an ever-increasing demand for staff in the homecare industry across the UK, which is not a surprise to most of us. What is a surprise is the shocking fact that the last UK census saw that men make up just 15.5% of the care sector workforce – which is equal to 3 in 20 workers.

There are multiple reasons that factor into why men disregard a career in home care, one being that it is a traditionally female-dominated profession and the social norm that nursing is a female career. In recent years the term ‘toxic masculinity’ has become more common as the understanding that the social perceptions of what it is to be a man are harmful to men and therefore affects our wider society, especially in this instance where there is a shortage crisis of care workers and there is a massive gap between male and female care workers.

What we need to do is break down the stigma of male carers and remind ourselves that working in homecare, no matter what gender you are, is a rewarding and uplifting career. A great example of this is a recent story from our Nottingham branch.

 Paul Merry, the Candidate Experience Partner for our Nottingham branch arranged a photoshoot with one of our Nottingham customers,  Peter, and his carer Andrew. The purpose of the photo shoot was for the new Nottingham recruitment leaflet and showing that there are male carers out there and spreading awareness of the diversity issue in the industry.

Peter expressed how happy he was with the carers saying, “They do a brilliant job” and he was thrilled to learn his photograph will be on the Nottingham recruitment leaflet. Andrew, who is one of the carers looking after Peter, told us how he has worked in the industry for 19 years and finds being a carer extremely rewarding. He told us that “it is a pleasure going to work every day, knowing I can make a difference to people’s lives”.

Andrew’s enthusiasm for work just shows how rewarding being a carer is whether you’re a male or female and this is the message we need to spread to males who are potentially interested in working in home care but are afraid to take the plunge.

If you know anybody who may be interested in working as a care coordinator in one of our branches, share this blog with them and together we can help inspire our male generation to branch into careers in home care.

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