Our recruitment processes

Our recruitment processes

Every company you apply for will have its own way of doing things, which can make preparing for an interview hard. At The Human Support Group, we take great pride in our careful selection during our recruitment process because we want people who share our values and live them wholeheartedly. We thought we would give you a breakdown of our recruitment process at The Human Support Group to give you a better understanding when applying for a job with us and what you can expect.

Stage 1 – Application

To start your recruitment journey with Human Support Group, you need to apply for one of our available vacancies. We regularly advertise these on our social media and to our email list and they are updated frequently on our site. You can take a look at our available vacancies here. We have branches all across the UK that all need your help, once we receive your application and deem it successful, we then move on to stage 2.

Stage 2 – Phone Call After your application, one of our candidate experience partners who recruits for the branch that you have applied for will give you a call. This call will be to discuss in detail the role you have applied for and explain what The Human Support Group can offer you. Here we will also look to see if you share our values, this is a massive thing we look for here at HSG.

Stage 3 – Branch Interview

Given that your telephone call was successful, you will then be invited to the branch you have applied to for an interview. This interview will consist of a standard numeracy and literacy test and will then follow into a values-based interview. After this step, if you pass your tests and have a successful interview – you will then be welcomed to our growing Human Support Group family!

As you can see from the steps above, our values play a massive role in the recruitment process and that’s because we truly live by these in our work life and want to be surrounded by people who also share these values. These are the people we want to help us to deliver the best home care possible in the UK.

So, what are our values? The core elements that we all hold dear are:

  • Always kind, always honest
  • We’re in it together
  • We are all accountable
  • Getting better every day
  • Working with you to give you the life you want

The journey towards becoming a carer at The Human Support Group is an exciting one, so if you feel that you share the values mentioned above – why not start the New Year off with a brand new, exciting opportunity?

Start your application by taking a look at our available vacancies here – we hope to welcome you to our HSG family soon!

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