Our Training

Our Training

It’s never too late to start a new career. We can all come across situations and scenarios that make us think twice about our life choices and the journey we’re on, and there’s no greater feeling than knowing that you have made a difference to someone’s life.

It’s easy to build up your own personal barriers but we’re here to assure you that there is nothing stopping you from pursuing your career in care!

Every year we train hundreds of hard-working and dedicated carers up and down the country, giving us the confidence that our personally trained carers can go out into the world prepared to deliver their care professionally, safely and expertly.

At Human Support Group, we give you everything you need to excel as a carer.

We will provide you all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to make a difference and become a fully qualified, successful carer. We ensure that all of our trained individuals adhere to our organisation’s philosophies, policies, and procedures, ensuring that each one of our carers has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

One of our carers, Richard, joined us after working for Tesco for 18 years, before he realised he wanted a new challenge from his career. Human Support Group were able to offer that challenge. We were able to offer an excellent range of training opportunities to help him become a qualified carer.
“HSG have been a massive support to me in my transition to become a carer. With the community observations, yearly appraisals and supervisions that I’ve received, that feedback has crucial to me. I’ve also had a care certificate awarded to me and had a lot of training. All this has made a big difference to me as a carer.” – Richard Carling

Our comprehensive induction training courses cover a range of topics from Food Hygiene to First Aid and all of our training courses meet the care certificate/common induction standards meaning you receive the knowledge and skillset required to make it in the care industry.

Already work in care? Looking to further yourself in the industry? Human Support Group can help you achieve beyond a Level2 Diploma in Health and Social care which they will fund – another great reason to sign up today!

On the whole, our company mission is to “provide the very best personalised care”, and our tried and tested training courses allow us to say with confidence that all of our carers share a part in helping Human Support Group meet that mission statement.

So, whether you’re already in the industry and looking to enhance your skill set or if you’re interested in pursuing a new career in care and would like more information about what’s in store or even how to sign up, get in touch today!
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