Recruitment and retention


Recruitment and retention

Demand for care and support continues to grow, and Skills for Care estimates that around 390,000 people leave their jobs every year – that’s over 1,000 every day – and approximately 110,000 vacancies at any one time.

This means we need to increase the size and skills of the adult social care workforce, and stem the flow of wasted resources on recruiting people who aren’t going to stay in the sector.

Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, who have the right values, can help you deliver high quality and consistent care and support.

The Department of Health and Social Care are embarking on a national recruitment campaign for our sector. You can read more about this campaign. You can find out more about the campaign at one of our events.

National recruitment campaign

Every day is different when you care

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is about to launch a national adult social care workforce recruitment campaign to;

  • raise awareness of, and drive recruitment into the sector,
  • help equip the sector with the knowledge of how to support the campaign, boost the sector’s recruitment marketing.

Test advertising has been run in Gloucestershire and Tyne and Wear with both domiciliary and residential care providers and the Cabinet Office has given approval for the national campaign to go ahead. The campaign will run across websites, radio, social media and local press.

See more at

How to get involved

National recruitment campaign workshops

The Department of Health and Social Care is hosting a series of events around the country.

Wednesday 6 February

Cambridge – Wednesday 13 February

Doncaster – Monday 18 February

Durham – Thursday 28 February


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