Skills you need to become a carer

Skills you need to become a carer

A career in care is very rewarding, however you must be a very determined and supportive person for a role in care. Some people look to a career in care and then realise the nature of the job is more challenging or different to what they thought.

We thought it would be helpful for anyone looking for a career in care, to understand what skills and personality traits you should have which would help you adapt to the nature of the care industry.

Supportive and Encouraging

When delivering homecare, you will be helping people to live their everyday lives as independently as possible, therefore you will need to be able to support somebody who needs reassurance and guidance. Especially when it comes to elderly customers telling stories about their life, they may need more time and that is when support and encouragement would be needed.


A massive part of being a carer is understanding both that your customer is facing issues and an understanding of what those issues mean. When you can understand someone’s perspective, you are more able to help them and meet their needs.


Your customers are vulnerable people who depend on your help; therefore, carers need to be responsible and dependable people.


The nature of the care industry is different to that of your regular 9-5 job, your tasks may not always be the same each day or you could work different hours one day. Being flexible enables you to deal with your workload and shifts easier.

Good communication skills

Some of the people you care for may not be able to efficiently communicate exactly what they want to say. As a carer, good communication skills are essential as a carer is a very sociable career which involves a lot of interaction with others, so being able to listen and understand will allow you to be an efficient carer.

At The Human Support Group, we look for people who are always kind, always honest, accountable, constantly improving and a team-player. In return, we say thank you and well done and celebrate your success as a carer.

If you think you possess these qualities and want to put them to good use, then help us deliver our mission of incredible personalised care to the UK!

You can take a look at our available vacancies here.

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