Social Value


Social Value

Social Values

At HSG we acknowledge problems and always seek to find solutions. So as part of our commitment in promoting social value and reducing our environmental footprint we recognise the problems and have adopeted the following practices to be plastic free:

  1.  The problem:

    Using single-use plastic and paper cups.

    The solution:

    Replaced single-use plastic and paper cups with reusable glasses and reusable coffee cups for on the go.

  2. The problem:

    Having a delivery of fruit and other essentials like bread, milk and cereals once a week for our colleagues to enjoy is brilliant and very much appreciated, however these items bring along unavoidable extra plastic and cardboard waste.

    The solution:

    Recycling bins organised in the kitchen so we can all take responsibility and increase recycling wherever possible.

  3. The problem:

    Using post-it notes.

    The solution:

    Minimise the use of post-it notes and reuse scrap paper to do the same job.

  4. The problem:


    The solution:

    Reduce the amount of printed documents across the organisation. When possible items printed in ‘fast’ or ‘draft’ mode which uses a considerably lower amount of ink.

  5. The problem:

    Using single use plastic carrier bags.

    The solution:

    Distributed material bags out to colleagues and encouragement to use bags for life or paper alternatives.

We are all becoming aware of the huge environmental problems our discarded plastic water bottles, coffee cup lids, straws, eating utensils, and the myriad of other supplies in our offices, are causing.

It’s never too late to begin implementing ways to help stem the tide of plastic pollution.

What are you doing to reduce your environmental footprint?

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