Stay home, stay safe

Stay home, stay safe

We have all been home for quite some time now and you may find yourself becoming a bit bored and at a loss of what to do. It’s so important to stay home during these times, but we know it can be difficult. We’ve put together some activities that you could try to curb your boredom!  


Baking will lift your mood as it will keep you occupied for an hour or two and you will get a tasty treat to enjoy as a reward! There are tons of great recipes circulating the internet at the minute, a lot of people have been giving banana bread a try. Why not have a browse online for some recipes and try making one?  

Try a home workout   

You may not feel up for working out at home, especially if you’re feeling a bit down. But it’s important to look after your physical health too, plus this will have a knock-on effect to your mental health too. Exercise releases endorphins that lift your mood, so a quick workout in your home or garden could be the antidote to your boredom. If you go outside for your daily exercise, just be sure to stay 2m away from any others who are about.  

Online pub quiz  

If you’re missing your friends and family, this is a great way to connect. You can use a video call software like Zoom or even just your phone’s and host a pub quiz, this will get you all laughing together and will be sure to bring your mood up. Plus, if you’re hosting a pub quiz you can spend some time creating the questions which will take up even more time.  


You may not think colouring is for adults but, there is a lot of evidence to show that colouring is a great way to de-stress. Colouring is a very good mindfulness exercise and helps you to switch off for a little while. You can order a colouring book online if you don’t already have one. 


We’re sure most people have that one book that they always want to read but never get round to it. Now is the perfect time to get reading! Immersing yourself in a good book will help hours float away and you won’t even notice the time go by.   

We know it’s a difficult time right now and we hope that something in this blog can help you to feel a bit better during what’s going on. The NHS have their own ‘Every Mind Matters’ with tips on staying home which you can find here if you are still struggling.   

On behalf of our carers, we want to say a massive thank you for your continued support. If we continue to stay home, we will stay safe. You can keep up to date with all our updates during COVID-19 over on our Facebook

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