The role of a Care Experience Manager

The role of a Care Experience Manager

As our mission is to provide the very best care it is crucial that all of our colleagues are working at the same standard and providing the highest levels of care which is something our Quality team manage. Every one of our care colleagues has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our colleague Vicky Taylor joined HSG as a carer 9 years ago and has continued to progress in her career to reach her dream role as part of our Quality Team. She explains what’s involved in the role of a Care Experience Manager and why this is her dream role.

What are the responsibilities of a Care Experience Manager?

In my role I am responsible for providing high quality training across the organisation to other care experience partners, care assessors in risk assessment training and support others to develop their roles. I provide feedback around the quality of their work and I share my knowledge and experiences to ensure that the customer care experience is second to none.

It has been a very exciting time at the moment as we are currently introducing the new system Access Mobizio mobile/tablet app which aims to improve the detail and quality of customer support plans. I am currently providing training to care colleagues on this system which means care plans and visit plans are electronic, allowing there to be more time to capture the support requirements of each customer in detail.

What are your working hours and your working environment like?

My usual working hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday. I travel to most of our branches across the UK, meeting our colleagues face to face. I will also sometimes be based in an office environment.

How did you get into the social care industry and why?

I’ve always had a customer facing role as I enjoy meeting different people. I started my working life in the retail industry and then worked in a family run business for over twenty years, which was a furniture manufacturer mainly targeted at older adults. I loved meeting new customers and finding out about their needs so that their furniture could be tailored to these personal needs. This gave me great job satisfaction and I began to think of a career in care. At first I did have doubts about the social care industry but after speaking with my family, I decided to take the path to work in the care sector as a carer which was when I joined HSG.

I completed my NVQ level 2 and was offered the opportunity to complete assessments. I then completed my NVQ level 3 and was offered the role as a Care Experience Partner working at our Heywood branch.  I then joined the Quality team in January 2017 as the Care Experience Manager where I train other Care Experience Partners, Care Assessors , Managers and Care Coordinators along with providing support to quality and compliance.

What makes the role rewarding and what are the challenges?

Keeping up to date with changes can be challenging  but I am always keen to learn , I have taken these challenges in my stride and with the support of my colleagues I have got through them.

Great personal development and providing support to each individual’s needs. I have great job satisfaction and work with supportive colleagues day to day. Receiving compliments and sharing these with the team to really shows how our care is helping.

 What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their career in the social care industry? 

I would say seize the moment if you are thinking about a career in the social care industry just go for it like I did! As I experienced with HSG, you receive all the support needed to get where you want to in your career. HSG has provided me with the opportunity to achieve my goal which I set for myself on my very first day.

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