A day in the life of a branch manager

The role of a Registered Branch Manager

It is a branch manager’s responsibility to manage the safe delivery of service within their branch by managing colleagues, customers and the organisation’s needs. This role is all about making sure care is being provided to the highest standard and in the most effective way within the area.  Our Wrexham branch manager Lianne Carling has worked as a branch manager for 2 years and shares her experiences on what’s involved in the role and what it takes to be a successful branch manager.

What are your responsibilities as a branch manager?

Although the main responsibility in the role is to manage the branch, it is also important to work together with my team, our customers and the community. There are many different areas that I manage in my role as branch manager which include:

  • Organisation management 

I report and manage complaints and incidents, following regulations, legislation, procedures and policies.  I ensure that colleagues have the appropriate training and keep up to date with new areas that colleagues may require further training in.  I look after and take on council contracts making sure we are committed to providing the amount of care required. We produce an evidence folder to present at our CQC inspections so I make sure our work is documented in the folder and the folder is kept up to date. In order to make suitable adjustments to improve the service I regularly investigate the quality of our service.

  • Colleague management 

I make sure all colleagues are happy and any problems are resolved and monitored along with making observations to make sure colleagues are completing their roles appropriately.  I assist with the recruitment process, organise training for new starters and any refresher training that existing colleagues need.  As the manager I also complete appraisals and supervisions. Something I find very valuable is communicating with other branch managers and colleagues to develop knowledge, learn of new ideas and replicate good practice to suit our branch.

  • Customer management

I complete customer assessments to understand the individual needs of customers and create agreed care plans for customers always ensuring that this promotes privacy and dignity. I make sure the hours of care that customers need are attended to efficiently and always provide a high standard of service to our customers. I communicate regularly with social care professionals, other health professionals and customers families and this is something I do really enjoy, getting to know new people.

What are your working hours and your working environment like?

I am based in the office daily between the office hours  8-5. However I would say my working hours take a more flexible approach as I also spend time out in the community and out of the office visiting customers and social care professionals.

How did you get into the social care industry and why?

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to work in social care. I worked in social care on and off since the age of 16 and with my passion, knowledge and determination I have continued to progress in my career to where I am today. I also set the goal of becoming a branch manager after noticing where improvements could be made and being determined to make these changes as a branch manager myself.

What makes the role rewarding and what are the challenges?

I would say the fact the role brings so much variety, builidng new relationships and knowing you are making a difference are the most rewarding factors. Recruitment can be a challenge as it is crucial that we recruit the best people and the right individuals for the roles. As more people require our care, we need a bigger team to be able to provide this.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their career in the social care industry?

I am a big believer that it is very important to mix well with the community, colleagues and customers. We are all in the industry together to provide the very best care, to keep a people focused attitude and everyone deserves to be treated equally. Working well as a team is vital.









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