The role of a Registered Extra Care Manager

The role of a Registered Extra Care Manager

An Extra Care Manager, manages the safe delivery of service that is delivered within self-contained homes and apartments. This involves supporting colleagues, customers and the organisation’s needs.  Lisa our Registered Extra Care Manager at Village 135 and Westfield’s has worked in social care for 15 years and gives us an insight into her role of an Extra Care Manager.

What are your responsibilities as an Extra Care Manager?

The days are very varied at our Extra Care Scheme Village 135 and we support a range of people with different needs and different medical conditions such as, dementia, hearing & sight impairments, mobility issues, diabetes, COPD and arthritis. All of our customers require different levels of care, some require 2-1 support and some require 1-1 support.  The role does involve working well as a team and providing strong leadership within the team. We have a fantastic team here, everyone works really well together and helps each other out.


I will begin the day by checking the handover book, discuss any issues that occurred during the night and follow any procedures as required. I communicate with the housing group to make sure that all customers are safe and well, then act on any concerns or health and safety issues.  I audit medication and ensure support plans and medical records are up to date for the customer.

At the beginning of the day tasks such as ensuring staff are compliant with all systems/system changes and checking staffing levels for the day are a priority. If there has been any colleague sickness reported I will follow procedures to ensure that we have suitable cover so we can provide the care that’s needed for the day ahead.

I will spend time with our customers daily to really get to know each person individually and their specific needs. If someone’s needs change I will communicate with the relevant health professionals so we can support each individual with any changes and make sure they are happy with the care they are receiving. Our main aim is for our customers to live independently for as long as possible.

I will check into to see if we have any customer or colleague queries or complaints and attend to these appropriately. I also have the pleasure of sharing compliments with the team showing recognition for their hard work.


Colleagues start to arrive that will be completing the afternoon shifts. They have a handover with morning staff of what has occurred during the day I look at the communication records between care colleagues by checking handovers, communication books and audit customer comments books. I undertake daily observations on staff to ensure that they are adhering HSG policies and procedures and take action if needed. There is also a level of managing budgets and finances in the role and maintaining statistical and financial records.

I am a part of the recruitment process and make sure that we have the right levels of employees and we have the best people providing the best care. I will provide and organise training and complete appraisals.


During the end of the day our on-call colleagues take over the evening duties and if there is an emergency during this time I will be contacted to provide assistance.

What are your working hours and your working environment like?

I work Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week. I am also regularly on call to provide support out of hours. My work environment is great because I have all the facilities to do my job to the best of my ability and I have the support from my manager.  I also have two experienced team leaders that know the need of our customers and they also have good relationships with the team.

How did you get into the social care industry and why?

My mother was a registered nurse and she always spoke about how great it is to help people, and how great it was to put a smile on someone’s face. I got into this role as I wanted to care for people just like my mother did. I then completed my NVQ3 in health and social care, NVQ In leadership and management and NVQ5 in management in health and social care.

What makes the role rewarding and what are the challenges?

Making our customers happy and meeting there changing needs is the most rewarding element. I also enjoy resolving any problems colleagues have and being supportive to my team. It can be difficult when we have absences or when someone leaves our team as our customers rely on us for their care.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their career in the social care industry?

Working in health and social care is a very rewarding job.  How do you know the role of a carer is not the right career for you? You might just find your perfect role.









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