What good care means to us

July is Good Care Month and in honour of that, we thought we would share what good care means to us and our teams.

We have always prided ourselves on allowing people who are vulnerable to live their lives as independently as possible. We don’t believe that good care is just about surviving, making sure you eat, making sure you bathe, but it is also about making sure you keep your memories, hobbies, your passions. 

Good care to our teams means as well as making sure people are assisted with what they struggle to do, they also remind them of who they are and what they enjoy. That means, taking them on days out, watching their favourite TV show with them, sparking interest in a hobby they used to have.

We are called the Human Support Group because it’s as simple as humans supporting other humans. Dignity is an extremely important topic when it comes to caring, and we don’t believe that people should be made to feel undignified. 

Yes, we provide the basic care of making sure someone is assisted where they are unable, whether that be getting in the shower, getting to the shops, preparing their meals. What we also provide is friendship, a listening ear, a companion, someone to rely on.

Loneliness is a massive problem throughout the UK, especially in our older communities. We notice that vulnerable people, whether that be through age or circumstance, are lonely. Yes, they need support, but that goes beyond physical assistance. It’s showing support in hearing their stories, reminiscing about old memories and helping them to create new ones. 

A customer of our Sale branch gave a lovely review of our team saying “they have helped me smile and supported me through some difficult times. “That’s exactly what good care is to us, helping people smile through times they may not feel like smiling.

Our carers are trained to enable rather than to create dependence, which is why we believe we help so many people’s quality of life improve. 

If you want to join us in our mission of delivering the best-personalised homecare to the UK, we have vacancies throughout the UK which you can view here.

We will be posting content all throughout Good Care Month, so make sure you stay updated with everything over on our Facebook page

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