What we value in a Carer

Anyone who works in the care sector will be able to tell you that this isn’t your typical job. Whilst the care sector has been heavily scrutinised due to some high-profile incidents in the media, we have been working hard to build a company that can be trusted to provide the highest quality of care.

To develop a care service that we are now truly proud of, we ensure that we choose the right people to work for us. Our recruitment process is clearly defined to find the people that we know will live and breathe our values which are:

  • Always kind, always honest
  • We’re in it together
  • We are all accountable
  • Getting better every day
  • Working with you to give you the life you want.

These values are underpinned by a set of behaviours that our employees demonstrate, such as acknowledging problems and then seeking solutions and being clear about what we do and why. Our job application and interview processes are structured around finding the people that will fit in perfectly at Human Support Group and demonstrate the behaviours that make us stand out from other care providers.

The applicants that can evidence their commitment to accountability and continual improvement are the kind of people we are looking for to join our team. Above all, we are looking for carers that exude kindness and treat the people they care for as they would want to be treated themselves. We want our customers to recommend us to their family and friends, so our values play an important role in achieving this.

Our mission is to become the go-to service for commissioners who recognise that our service offers the best care in the industry. The success of this mission is driven by carefully selecting

The type of person who is suitable to work for us is someone who doesn’t see the job as just completing a set task list, but rather someone who sees how much they are enriching another person’s life. Offering support to those who need it is more than just your ordinary tasks such as cleaning up etc, it’s listening to stories, helping them maintain a skill or learn a new one, having interesting conversations, bringing value back into someone’s life.

It takes a special kind of person to be a good carer and that is why we only employ special people; the ones that go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and welfare of the people in their care.

An example of a carer who has displayed all of these traits is one of the male carers from our Nottingham branch. He was involved with a photoshoot with one of the Nottingham service user called Peter which is for their new recruitment leaflet. Peter was thrilled to learn that his photo would be on the Nottingham recruitment leaflet to which he said “I’ve not had my photo taken in a while!”. It’s special moments like this that should be your focus when working as a carer with Human Support Group.

If you think you have the qualities that we are looking for in carer, or know someone who is perfect for HSG, take a look at our current vacancies in your area.

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