Why become a carer?

Why become a carer?

Becoming a carer is one of the most rewarding careers there is. When we talk to our carers about why they became a carer, we hear so many answers! If you are debating a career in care, make sure you give this blog a read as we’re going to go over all the reasons why you should become a carer!


The main factor that attracts people to a career in care is how rewarding a career it is. Every day you are improving the quality of someone’s life, giving somebody a friend to talk to and the feeling you get when you see how far your care goes is unmatched. You see the impact of your hardwork and that’s why the rewarding aspect of the role attracts so many people.

Flexible Hours

If the idea of working 9-5 or set times isn’t ideal for you, a role like this is much more flexible as care services are needed constantly. You will be working on shifts, which could include evening and weekend work, so you can be much more flexible with your working hours as opposed to a set shift job.

Work Locally

The nature of the role will include travel from your customers, however, if you are working for a local branch this should be relatively easy as it offers you the chance to work locally in your area, rather than having a longer commute maybe into your city centre or elsewhere.


No day is the same when you’re a carer, you will constantly be introduced to new environments, new people, new stories and new tasks. This is the job for you if you like variety in your role! Different people require different care, so your day can always bring something new.


Many care providers will offer training progression opportunities to their carers with on the role learning and training. We at Human Support Group have multiple training and progression opportunities, so people are always able to climb the ladder or develop their own skills. You can learn more about our training and progression opportunities here.

There you have it! Of course, there are many great reasons why you should become a carer, there are just a select few. Why not look at some of the roles we have available near you, and start the exciting journey for yourself?

Look at our available vacancies here.

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