Why Christmas is a crucial time for carers

Whilst Christmas is a happy time for most, it can be a struggle for those who are elderly or vulnerable. The rush in the supermarkets, the demand for festive food, the loud noises and bright lights can all bring discomfort and stress to the elderly and vulnerable. 

Christmas especially can be difficult for people living with dementia, who struggle to adapt to the change in environment with decorations and the change in their routines.  

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends but without that close companionship, Christmas can be an extremely lonely time. That’s why Christmas is a crucial time for carers and why we want your help. 

As a carer, you will be a regular companion for someone to see over the Christmas period, who can partake in festive activities and bring some cheer to their festive season. 

Research from Age UK showed that more than 230,000 older people will be on their own at least one day over the Christmas period (any day between Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day). As a carer, you can make that difference to your community by bringing the gift of friendship to many. 

Not only will most be on their own but it’s also highlighted in the Age UK report that more than 530,000 people aged 65+ aren’t looking forward to Christmas because for them it’s “just another day”. As a carer with Human Support Group, you can help to make it the best Christmas possible and not just another day. 

We have a blog which you can read here on how to prepare for Christmas as a carer. 

This Christmas start your care career with Human Support Group and see for yourself why so many people enjoy working for us. As well as the sense of reward that comes with caring, we take the extra steps to make sure you are cared for too. 

With our open-door policy, progression schemes, reviews and training, you will feel like a valued asset and part of our Human Support Group family. 

We would love for you to join us over the festive season, so if you want to apply for a role you can do so by clicking here.  

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