As part of the Human Support Group’s values of “we are in it together” and “getting better everyday” we are launching a mentoring scheme. Mentoring is the relationship between an experienced leader (mentor) and another (mentee) within the organisation in which the mentor shares knowledge and experience with the mentee in order to develop their skills. Another definition of mentoring is “a brain pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”!

We are starting small with five mentors,

  • Trevor Morris
  • Rachel Caulfield
  • Andrea Ekuruemu
  • Carla Rogers
  • And Myself (Glen Mason)

who will be trained and will shortly be starting mentoring five individuals.

I will be mentoring Amy Slack, our Assistant Manager in Bolton.

Other mentors will be paired with a mentee shortly. If the initial trials are successful we will increase the number of mentors and grow the scheme.

Glen Mason,
Chief Operating Officer